BALÁZS Szemerey-Kiss PhD

Born: 1978. Szeged, Hungary 
Tel/mobil: 00-36-30-826-3461


2002- Chamber of Hungarian Restorers and Artists                                         2002- The Association of the Hungarian Restorers                                           2003- Founder in Association of Young Artists in South Hungary                           2015- Assisstant professor at Faculty of Stone Sculptor restorer of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts


1992-1996 István Tőmőrkény High-School and Voc.Secondary Art School
1997-2002 Faculty of Stone Sculptor restorer of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts
2004-2007 Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME)
                Engineering of Hungarian Heritage                                               2008-2013 Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) PhD                     

PhD: 2449






1999. Udine, Cucagna, Cucco-Zucco, Italy, Castle Rehabilitation program     2001. Wien, Bundesdenkmalamt, leader prof. Jochann Nimmrichter and Dr.              Manfred Koller, 1 semester                                                                   2010. Göttingen, Germany, Georg-August University, prof. Siegesmund                    Siegfried, 1 year                                                                                    2011. Erasmus IP: Global Heritage and Sustainability, Salamanca, Spian,                1 month, 2010-1-ES1-ERA10-22325


Hungary: Budapest, Mathias churh in Buda, Neo-Gothic style,
Nick, Unknown master – Crucifix from end of the 19th century,
Szentes, Unknown master – Saint Vendelin the 19th century,
Jászberény, Unknown master – Man of Sarrow, 1732,
Nyírbátor, Báthory Castle os Nyírbátor, Renaissance style,
Budapest, Dorottya palace, Eclectic style
Zsámbék, Zichy castle of Zsámbék, Baroque style
Székesfehérvár, National Memory Park of Székesfehérvár, XI-XII century
Budapest, National Monument in Heroes Square, XIX. century
Austria: Wien, Unknown master – two Baroque puttoes


2004-2012. Szeged, S. Bálint Cultural Hall, collective                                   2009. Szeged, REÖK palace, single                                                             2008. Szeged, TIK, University center Hall, collective                                       2007. Sopron, XVI. National Biennial of Medal
2007. Szeged, TIK, University Center Hall      
2007. Banja Luka, Open air exhibition (Bosnia-Hercegovina)   
2007. Hódmezővásárhly, 54. Autumn Exhibition   
2007. Szeged, XXXIV. Summer Exhibition  
2006. Szeged, S. Bálint Cultural Hall - collective
2005. Paris, Cultural Center of Hungary - collective (France)
2005. Sopron, XV. National Biennial of Medal
2004. Szeged, Cultural Center of Italy - collective
2004. Szeged, Balázs Béla Cultural hall - collective
2003. Hódmezővásárhely, Autumn Exhibition
2003. Szeged, Summer Exhibition
2002. Budapest, National Museum, diplom exhibition
2000. Szeged, MÉH Galery - single
1999. Szeged, County Hall - collective
1998. Budapest, BME, Technical University of Budapest - collective
1997. Szeged, Kálvária Galery - collective
1996. Szeged, JATE, University of Szeged- collective
1995. Szeged, B. Balázs Cultural Hall - collective


2013. City center of Szeged, relief, Szeged, Dóm square                             2012. Portrait of Tibor Török, Szeged, Vedres István Voc.Sec.School.         2012. City center of Szeged, relief Szeged, Széchenyi square                     2009. Bust of Frigyes Pesthy, Szeged, Dóm, National Panteon                   2009. Portrait of Tibor Balló, Budapest, Bethesda Hospital                             2008. Statue of János Feketeházy, Szeged, Szt. István square                   2008. Portrait of Endre Németh, Göd, in the building of BME                       2008. Portrait of Margit Dani (Baba), Kunszentmárton                                 2007. Beauty in stone, Banja Luka (BiH)                                                       2006. Public fountain in Szeged, Szent István square                                   2005. Portrait of Gyula Sándy, architect, Hódmezővásárhely                       2004. Monument of TIME, Institute of Patology in Szeged                               2003. Modern sculptures in company of Hunnect Ltd, Szeged


2010. Bust of Gregor J. Contest: 1st prize (imp.: L. Bánvölgyi)                       2005-2007. City sculptor competition, Szeged: 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize
1999. I. Country Universitas Contest: 1st. prize
1997. Tecnical Collage Contest /TDK/ branch of sculpture: 1st prize
1994. Competition of Tömörkény István Artschool (sculpture): 3rd prize
1992. City drawing contest, Szeged: 1st prize


English - intermediate (C)

France - basic (C)